Dual R&D Center
The R & D capability of an enterprise fully reflects the core value of the enterprise. Without a strong R & D team 
and excellent R & D management, the enterprise cannot achieve product innovation and maintain the 
competitiveness of its products.
Our company has an excellent research and development team which combines the old, the middle and the 
young. Among them, there are experts and professors in the industry, as well as overseas returnees who are 
technically in line with international standards. and a group of young scientific research and technical personnel 
full of vitality and practical work experience.
In addition, our company has invested heavily to purchase a large number of advanced product development 
devices and related testing equipment from home and abroad to ensure the high reliability of each step from 
components to finished products

Electronic scientific research keeps pace with international R & D technology level
Over the years, Guangdong Chuangda has maintained technological exchanges with domestic and foreign 
counterparts in keeping the level of research and development synchronized with the world and leading the domestic

A number of products have been awarded national invention patents, and now we have ten series of products, 
and the output has been among the top in China for three consecutive years.

The technological innovation of Guangdong Chuangda not only relies on "independent R & D", but also 
cooperates with domestic and foreign industries to form a "dual-core" driving force.

In recent years, the company has cooperated with many well-known domestic colleges and universities such as 
Tsinghua University and Tongji University, as well as industry experts and professors who have returned to study 
abroad to accelerate the pace of research on key technologies, and is committed to becoming the world's top actuator brand.

With the continuous growth of technical force, Guangdong Chuangda Enterprise is market-oriented, refines 
market demand, develops patented technology, creates a large number of high-tech products, and expands market share.

Production workshop

Strictly implement ISO9001:2015 quality management system for production management.

 The introduction of ERP enterprise management system, so that the company's enterprise management has 
been comprehensively improved, formed a set of standardized business process.

Bright and tidy actuator assembly line

Has a world-class electronic product production workshop 

Production management introduces iso9001:2015 quality management system and ERP enterprise management system

The company has successfully introduced iso9001:2015 quality management system and ERP enterprise management system. The management process of the company's products, from order → purchase → production → delivery → after-sales service, is operated in strict accordance with the system, so as to ensure the quality of each 

product to the maximum extent.

       We know that product research and development is only the beginning of product production, and the quality of the production process ultimately 

determines the quality of the product.

Our company’s computer motherboards, needle selector drive boards, and power supply boards are all independently developed and produced by the company’s R&D center.
Therefore, the procurement and quality control of electronic components has become a key link. Our company has used more than ten years of trade relationship with a large-scale component supplier in Hong Kong to ensure that each batch of components is imported with original packaging, and the quality is kept in line with international standards.

       In the production of computer motherboard, needle selector drive board, power supply board and other components, adhere to the use of computer placement machine, hot reflow welding and washing process, and through manual step by step inspection, excellence.
In the production of computer motherboards, needle selector drive boards and power supply boards and other components, we insist on using computer placement machines, thermal reflow soldering and water washing processes, and have been manually inspected step by step to keep improving.
In the production of computer motherboard, needle selector drive board and power supply board, we adhere to the use of computer mounter, hot reflow soldering and water washing process, and through manual inspection step by step, and strive for improvement.

The quality of the company's electronic products has been maintained at the premium level, and the outstanding quality performance over the years has been

 unanimously praised by customers.

Keep improving in machining 

The computerized jacquard needle selection system is a mechatronic system. In addition to ensuring the reliability of the electronic part, the processing and production of the precision mechanical part is also very important.

The actuators of our company are all made of ultra-precision processing by CNC center, and the finger is produced by the precision mold designed and produced by our company.

Breaking the technical limitations that foreign countries have always believed that one-time molding cannot be used, greatly speeding up the production process of products and ensuring the accuracy of products.

In terms of product quality, the company strictly follows the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 quality management system and monitors up to 17 technological processes to ensure that the technical parameters of each actuator can be within the standard range.

The work concept of excellence makes the actuator produced by our company quickly catch up with similar foreign 

products in quality.